Battle Ground Nevada--Using Library of Congress Primary Sources in the Classroom

Getting to Know Lincoln through Primary Sources
Assignment Desription

Project Focus: Inquiry Question Related to Abraham Lincoln

Participants will work in groups of five to develop an inquiry question relating to Abraham Lincoln. They will identify primary sources available on the Library of Congress website to answer their inquiry question. These primary sources will then be made available to students in the form of a primary source sets accompanying the inquiry question. Each group will create a blog entry including the following items:
  • Links to a collection of five artifacts including
    • One official document
    • One informal document
    • One picture
    • One other artifact type (e.g., audio, video, 3-D artifact)
    • One other artifact
  • Information for each artifact
    • Text of all text-based artifacts
    • Key vocabulary terms related to the artifact
    • An artifact description
      • Content of artifact
      • Author's/Creator's point of view
      • Context of artifact (e.g., timing, politics, social climate)
    • Student questions for engaging students in higher level thinking about the artifact
    • Student suggestions for imaginative thinking (e.g., "What would happen if...?," "Would it be better if...?") and suggested strategies for answering the questions (e.g., create a timeline)

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