Example Student-Made Foldables

The pictures below were taken of foldable projects completed in Mr. Lee Thompson's seventh grade U.S. History class at Fertitta Middle School.

Sample Foldable: Joseph Walker

Sample Foldable: Dictators of WWII

Sample Foldable: The First Five Amendments

Sample Foldable: The 13 Colonies

"Bunker Hill Bunny"

Click here to access "Bunker Hill Bunny," the video Dr. Green had hoped to share during our last class session.

Margaret Loveall's Foldable

Margaret Loveall's Foldable

Lecture: DeAnna Beachley - Women of the American Revolution

This audio lecture was recorded by Dr. DeAnna Beachley to teach about the women of the Revolutionary Era.

Women of the Revolutionary Era — Dr. Beachley (Audio Lecture)