Activity Suggestions

Below are a list of resources and suggestions for teaching about this era or teaching with primary sources.

If Twitter Existed during the Revolution

Teaching with Documents: Images of the American Revolution
This packet of materials introduces primary sources available via the U.S. National Archives and the relationship of some of these items to the American Revolutionary Period. The packet includes links to all the documents mentioned and includes several related lesson plans. In particular, there are activity suggestions for teaching about the U.S. Constitution. The site also links to document analysis worksheets.

Teaching the Declaration of Independence as a Break-Up Letter
This lesson idea was conceived by Eric Langhorst, and 8th grade U.S. history teacher in Liberty, Missouri. He begins by reading a note his students believe he found on the floor the previous school day. The letter is signed "The American Colonies" and s the beginning of a discussion about the purpose and text of the Declaration of Independence.

Bullet Poem Student Project
Also conceived by Langhorst, this activity requires students write poems from the perspectives of war bullets. Langhorst uses the activity as part of his Civil War unit, but the activity suggestion would work well with any war. In addition to the lesson description, Langhorst includes a sample poem written by one of his 8th grade students.

Note: Langhorst's activity suggestions are also available in audio format. Subscribe using iTunes to "Speaking of History......."

Revolutionary War Political Cartoons
This lesson was conceived by Lee Thompson of Las Vegas, Nevada. Students in his middle school American history classroom design their own political cartoons. The instructions inform students that the cartoons must make a political statement relating to the Revolutionary era, the political statement must be written on the cartoon or on the back of the cartoon, and the cartoons are due the day they are assigned. Sample cartoons of student artists in Mr. Thompson's class appear below.

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